1. Scholarships based on merit: 

Bodossaki Foundation Scholarships: International students can further their education in Greece by applying for one of the Bodossaki Foundation Scholarships. Academically outstanding kids are given scholarships. Both undergraduate and graduate programmes for international students are eligible for the scholarship. This choice merits consideration if you wish to continue your studies in Greece.

2. Scholarships based on excellence and Scholarships based on employment: 

The State Scholarship Foundation:

International students can apply for scholarships from the State Scholarship Foundation to study abroad and do postdoctoral research in Greece. The scholarship also covers Greek language and culture courses. The scholarship strives to promote Greek culture and lifestyle to highlight the nation’s rich history.

The State Scholarship Foundation awards grants to students studying a variety of subjects. The recipients of this award may be either native or international students. Students may choose from various programmes offered by the state foundation; for more information about the State Scholarship Foundation, please visit the official website.

The French School at Athens Scholarships:

Each year, 60 students get scholarships from this scholarship. However, a candidate must be enrolled in a doctorate to be eligible for this scholarship programme. The French School in Athens Scholarship is available for 1-2 months. The scholarship includes a set sum for transportation and subsistence. The Scholarship programme does not offer health insurance. Visit the official website to learn more about the French School of Athens Scholarships.

3. Scholarships based on region

Leventis Foundation Awards:

The Leventis Foundation Awards are solely available to Nigerian citizens. The scholarship is provided for MBA and MSC programmes. Candidates for this scholarship must have a bachelor’s degree and at least three years of work experience to be eligible. Total tuition fees, free housing, and a monthly stipend for living expenses are all included in the scholarship. Visit the Foundation’s website for additional information.

Aristotle University Scholarships

International students may receive financial aid from Aristotle University in Greece to pursue undergraduate and graduate degrees. There are numerous other scholarships offered by the university to international students. Students can apply for short-term scholarships for the summer intensive course offered by the School of Modern Greek Language. We advise students to check, visit the university’s official website, and read all the scholarship information available at Aristotle University in Greece.


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