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About AdmissionIndia

Launched as a dedicated online admissions portal in 2019 under the umbrella of Stabilis Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd, AdmissionIndia already had a promising foundation to build on. With over 12 years of experience in the education industry and a global connection of over 700 universities worldwide, AdmissionIndia aims to be an industry leading and reliable portal that connects students from India to top universities within the country and abroad.

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Our Vision

Our vision is to make the highest quality of global education accessible to aspiring students. We support students in working towards achieving their academic potential by opening for them a world of academic possibilities. We have a clear vision to establish deep and lasting relationships with education providers across the globe and hope to assist students in attaining their academic goals. We are dedicated to ensure the wellbeing of students and educational providers, by opening the doors of the top Universities to students and bringing to universities students of the highest calibre.

Our Goal

Our goal is to develop a service that significantly improves the academic life of students. All students, regardless of their level of education, have a definitive educational goal. Many of them do not know the right approach to follow in order to achieve this goal. We, as a company, make it easier for students to understand how to approach educational institutions around the world, in order for them to better themselves academically. Being just one call away, our goal is to provide an admission assistance service for students globally. We look for opportunities to meet the students’ expectations and we are focused on serving our customers in the best way possible.

Why choose AdmissionIndia

At AdmissionIndia, we believe in finding the right balance between students’ educational aspirations and career goals; their passions and interests; whilst also keeping in mind their personal preferences choice of destination. AdmissionIndia helps students identify a course that falls in line with their career objectives, and pairs the student with a university that nurtures and coaches them on the skills they seek to master.

Our strong connection with universities ensures that we can find a course that fits you best. Our highly experienced team of counsellors has helped change the lives of thousands of students across the country. Our counsellors will work closely with you to help you make an informed decision. This will help you stay motivated and committed as you plan your next academic move. Discuss your plans with us freely and free of cost.

That’s not all, we guide you on how to proceed with your financials, book your accommodation and we even apply for your visa. And all of that is done free of charge as well.

We encourage students to take on a life of exploration and adventure rather than one of comfort. Higher learning goes beyond what you learn from textbooks but also the principles and ideals you take on by experiencing what the world has to offer, and not sticking to the comfort of what you know. We at AdmissionIndia dare you to dream and with our help, realise them.