Visa Requirements

New Zealand offers a variety of visa choices depending on whether you intend to work, study, invest, or visit the country. These alternatives are designed to promote the economy of the nation.

Factors to consider when choosing a visa:

  • Duration
  • Allotting enough time to gather the necessary documents
  • When you plan on travelling to New Zealand
  • Whether you have received a job offer in New Zealand
  • Whether the Visa allows you to bring your family

Application for a Visa:

  • Your local Immigration New Zealand (IMZ) office will process the application and charge a visa application fee. You can be required to pay a levy depending on your current location, nation of citizenship, and country of origin. Depending on the kind of Visa, the application's processing time will take 1-2 months.
  • It may take up to 14 months to process a skilled migrant category residency application.
  • If more information is required, the application and the volume of applications received will all affect the processing time.

Required Documents

You must comply with the requirements stated by the Embassy for the visa application process you pick, including submitting the necessary documentation.

To start the application process, the documents required to apply are as follows:

  • Passport - A current passport that will still be valid three months after departing New Zealand is required.
  • Digital Photo: While an embassy requires two images, Visa only needs one. The photo must follow a few rules (white background, no glasses, no hat except in a few situations, face the camera, etc.). 
  • Other Documents: Each situation is different. For instance, to cross the border with a child, you will need permission from the other parent.

When entering New Zealand, the immigration officer will request the following information:

  • Return Flight Ticket - The immigration agents will ensure you return to your nation due to unlawful immigration. In this situation, a return travel ticket or documentation demonstrating your financial capability to do so will be helpful.
  • Means of Sustenance - You can demonstrate your ability to support yourself while visiting New Zealand by showing a bank statement from the previous six months.
  • Proof of Behaviour – Special procedures are necessary if you have a criminal history.

Additional Requirements:

You will need the following criteria to apply for the New Zealand Visitor Visa:

  • Email Address
  • Online Payment

Student Visa with Dependants

For partners and kids, New Zealand has various visa alternatives. If you want to be granted a New Zealand visa based on your relationship, you must fulfil the requirements listed below:

  • Your partnership needs to be genuine and stable.
  • You must be living with your partner.
  • Must meet the health and character requirements.
  • You must have the support of your partner.
  • You must be eligible to support your application.

List of universities

S.No. Universities Country
1 AGI EDUCATION Auckland Region, New Zealand
3 Ara Institute of Canterbury Ltd Canterbury Region, New Zealand
4 ARDMORE FLYING SCHOOL Auckland Region, New Zealand
5 ATMC NEW ZEALAND Auckland Region, New Zealand
6 AVONDALE COLLEGE NEW ZEALAND Auckland Region, New Zealand
7 Carey Baptist College Auckland Region, New Zealand
8 Cornell Institute of Business and Technology Auckland Region, New Zealand
9 Le Cordon Bleu Wellington Region, New Zealand
10 Lincoln University Canterbury Region, New Zealand
11 Manukau Institute of Technology Auckland Region, New Zealand
12 Massey University Wellington Region, New Zealand
13 Naturopathic College of New Zealand Taranaki Region, New Zealand
14 Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology Nelson Region, New Zealand
15 New Zealand College of Business Canterbury Region, New Zealand
16 New Zealand College of Massage Auckland Region, New Zealand
17 New Zealand Institute of Studies Auckland Region, New Zealand
18 Newton College of Business and Technology Auckland Region, New Zealand
19 North Tec Northland Region, New Zealand
20 New Zealand Management Academies Auckland Region, New Zealand
21 New Zealand School of Education Auckland Region, New Zealand
22 New Zealand School Tourism Auckland Region, New Zealand
23 New Zealand Tertiary College Auckland Region, New Zealand
24 Open Polytechnic of New Zealand Wellington Region, New Zealand
25 Otago Polytechnic Otago Region, New Zealand
26 Pacific International Hotel Management School Taranaki Region, New Zealand
27 Professional Business and Restaurant School Auckland Region, New Zealand
28 Queenstown Resort College Otago Region, New Zealand
29 SAE Institute Auckland Region, New Zealand
30 AUCKLAND INSTITUTE OF STUDIES Auckland Region, New Zealand
31 Crown Institute of Studies Auckland Region, New Zealand
32 Eastern Institute of Technology Hawke's Bay Region, New Zealand
33 The University of Auckland Auckland Region, New Zealand
34 Auckland University of Technology Auckland Region, New Zealand
35 Universal College of Learning Wellington Region, New Zealand
36 University of Canterbury Canterbury Region, New Zealand
37 University of Otago Otago Region, New Zealand
38 University Of Waikato Auckland Region, New Zealand
39 Victoria University of Wellington Wellington Region, New Zealand
40 Wellington Institute of Technology Wellington Region, New Zealand
41 Whitecliffe College Of Arts And Design Auckland Region, New Zealand
42 Whitireia Community of Polytechnic Wellington Region, New Zealand
43 ICL Graduate Business School Auckland Region, New Zealand
44 Aspire2 International Auckland Region, New Zealand
45 Vision College Auckland Region, New Zealand