Why Study In Ireland?


The Gaelic language served as the primary link that bound Ireland's extensive folklore together. The well-known Emerald Isle is surrounded by Ireland's pastures. Its independence was a prodigy that eventually came under British control. Ireland's capital is Dublin, where one-fourth of the population lives in the downtown region. Along the dockside vicinities, one may find both residential and commercial areas.

The city life and the country life vary a lot. Although, Irish people preserve their enliven traditions wherever they stay. Participation in their musical activities along with various events of craftsmanship for objects made from iron and clay, and knit work are very influential in Ireland. The Celtic harp is an emblem of Ireland that accompanies a lot of Irish music

The people and their language:

Known for its welcoming nature and assortment, Ireland also has migrants from other European nations, Africa and Asia since the 18th century. Ireland’s modern and primary language is very corresponding to Scottish Gaelic and English is their second language. Ireland kept wielding a major impact on Irish cognizance despite the downgrading and rejection of the Irish language due to emigrations. Now, language is a very much significant factor for their identity.

Ireland, which is well-known for its friendliness and diversity, has welcomed immigrants from various European countries as well as from Africa and Asia since the 18th century. Scottish Gaelic is quite similar to the present and major language of Ireland, while English is their second language. Despite the devaluation and rejection of the Irish language caused by emigrations, Ireland continued to have a significant influence on Irish cognizance. Now, language plays a huge role in defining their identity.

The manuscripts of Milan and Turin described in the Holy Word are temporal with lyrical riddles and poems, while others are devotional. Due to the English-language literature that is already flooding the world, this literature is becoming extremely rare. The way they articulated their language showed different intellectual and expressive inclinations that have influenced modern English.

Ireland is quickly becoming a prominent destination for top-tier educational facilities where professionals may advance beyond what has been taught. Ireland has a large number of technological headquarters to provide experiences outside the classroom. Think on the following when it comes to Irish education:

Many overseas students choose Ireland as their preferred study destination. This is mostly due to the diversity of educational institutions and the nation's rich historical and cultural heritage. Irish universities provide courses in a variety of subject areas as well as career-focused programmes. Five of the eight Irish universities listed in the QS World University Rankings 2021 are among the Global Top 500.

The top universities in Ireland are:

  • Trinity College Dublin
  • University College Dublin
  • National University of Ireland, Galway
  • University College Cork
  • Dublin City University
  • University of Limerick
  • Maynooth University
  • Technological University of Dublin

Ireland as a whole is most opulent in Dublin. There are several Irish universities there that are among the best in the world. Visiting several places with beautiful architecture might help students feel a little more at ease when they're out and about. Another well-known city in Ireland is Galway, which is home to the National University of Ireland, Galway, and the Galway Mayo Institute of Technology. The city, a hub for the arts and culture, can introduce you to both traditional and modern Irish culture. The University of Cork and Cork Institute of Technology are located in Cork, a city widely renowned for its higher education opportunities. The city has both strong cultural life and antiquated infrastructure.

 Part-time and post-study work opportunities:

A work permit in Ireland is not required if a student is recognized to study full-time for a minimum of a year. The immigration Stamp 2 permits 20 hours of working hours per week and 40 hours from June to September and 15th December to 15th January. A Personal Public Service Number (PPS Number) is required for international students to take up work. The Universal Social Contribution (USC), Pay Related Social Insurance (PRSI), employment laws, and taxation requirements are expected to be familiarized by the students.

Post Study pathways for International Students:

With the Irish Third Level Graduate Scheme (TLGS), students may be granted residence while looking for work. Thus, a student may apply for a non-renewable green card or work visa to enable them to work 40 hours per week of full-time employment. The following guidelines govern the use of this scheme:

Revised TLGS Permission:  This permits overseas students to stay for two years while looking for work. To be notified of their educational performance, graduates must have the Stamp 2 permission and an up-to-date immigration registered card that has not exceeded the 7-year restriction. The time limit is extended to eight years if a higher level award is obtained for no more than two different causes.

List of universities

S.No. Universities Country
1 Athlone Institute of Technology Leinster, Ireland
2 Dublin City University Leinster, Ireland
3 CCT College Dublin Leinster, Ireland
4 Dublin Business School Leinster, Ireland
5 Dun Laoghaire Institute Leinster, Ireland
6 Dundalk Institute of Technology Leinster, Ireland
7 Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology Connacht, Ireland
8 Griffith College Leinster, Ireland
9 IBAt College Leinster, Ireland
10 Institute of Technology Carlow Leinster, Ireland
11 Institute of Technology Sligo Connacht, Ireland
12 Institute of Technology, Blanchardstown Leinster, Ireland
13 Institute of Technology, Tralee Munster, Ireland
14 Limerick Institute of Technology Leinster, Ireland
15 Maynooth University Leinster, Ireland
16 National College of Art and Design Leinster, Ireland
17 National College of Ireland Leinster, Ireland
18 National University of Ireland Connacht, Ireland
19 Shannon College of Hotel Management Connacht, Ireland
20 Trinity College, Dublin Leinster, Ireland
21 University College Cork Munster, Ireland
22 University of Limerick Leinster, Ireland
23 Waterford Institute of Technology Munster, Ireland
24 Letterkenny Institute of Technology Ulster, Ireland
25 University College Dublin Leinster, Ireland