There are many different types of student housing available. Only some universities provide their own on-site housing option for students. Therefore, private student rental apartments and hostels have become popular in big cities like Athens and Thessaloniki, with more students. These can be purchased for as little as €300 each month, while their pricing varies widely. Additionally, renting a one-bedroom flat in the United States is substantially less expensive than in other countries: outside the city centre (€241) or in the city core (€275).

When submitting your application, it is advised that you get in touch with your university’s international office and inquire about nearby housing.

Average Accommodation Type

Types of accommodation are:

  • Hotels: (typical, conventional, and agro-tourism hotels)
  • Rentals for rooms
  • Rental apartments
  • Tourist homes and villas
  • Hostels for youth

How do students live?

Greece offers international students a relatively laid-back and enjoyable way of life. Numerous activities, both on and off campus, might benefit students. Everyone can enjoy these activities, wherever in the world. These students participate in various cultural and athletic events that the universities offer. Most universities have their own sports facilities, including gyms, and everything is free to use. Tennis, basketball, football, swimming, dancing, aerobics, and other popular sports are among them.


List of universities

S.No. Universities Country