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Crown Institute of Studies located in Auckland, New Zealand, was established in 1972. It is one of New Zealand’s oldest tertiary institutes providing education and training in the fields of Travel and Tourism, Hospitality, Computing, and Business.  The Institute is passionate about preparing and shaping students for their future careers.

Crown Institute of Studies has the vision to be the preferred tertiary provider that develops passionate and resilient industry professionals. It aims to unlock the potential of students by providing an inclusive, supportive, and respectful learning environment. The Institute operates on four core values: Fairness, Responsibility, Transparency, and Integrity.

Students studying at Crown Institute of Studies have access to quality and innovative education that is offered by kind, caring, and experienced staff. It focuses on providing industry-relevant courses so that they are ready for work by the time they graduate. Holistic learning is provided so that students develop academically as well as personally.

The campus is in the heart of Auckland which is located close to train stations, bus stops restaurants and shops making it very convenient for students to travel and socialise. Auckland is the largest city in New Zealand that offers a good balance between nature and city life. It is a multi-ethnic city where students from around the world can feel included while learning and experiencing different cultures.

Why Study At The Crown Institute of Studies

  • Crown Institute of Studies has been providing education and preparing students for careers in various fields for over 40 years. Emphasis is placed on providing students with relevant industry-related knowledge and transferable skills.
  • The Institute has a professional and experienced team of teachers and staff who are dedicated to improving the learning experience of students. Extra academic support, as well as pastoral care and guidance, is readily available on campus.
  • The campus is located in the heart of Auckland city which is the largest city in New Zealand. It has a diverse and inclusive environment where students can meet new people and learn about different cultures.
  • Crown has good links with quality and reputable industries which helps students connect with potential employers. Onsite seminars, work placements, and networking events are conducted regularly to help students gain work experience and opportunities.
  • Crown has a modern and multi-level campus with excellent facilities for students and staff. It provides well-rounded support and services to students on all issues including academic difficulties and personal problems.

Employment and Career Opportunities

Crown Institute of Studies has a “Study and Work” program where students learn useful and relevant skills that will increase their employability after graduation and give them the opportunity to get work and earn money while studying. Study and Work were designed with the help of recruitment agents, teachers, and career advisors.

The Institute organises a “Dress for Success” competition twice a year for all students. This involves classroom activities where they can learn and discuss the different practices that are acceptable or not allowed in the workplace and where they can get the best deals while shopping on a budget.

Crown offers a CV and interview workshop for all students where they can learn how to write an impressive CV and get the review of experienced industry professionals. The interview workshops help them prepare for interviews and learn how to answer common interview questions. Crown Institute of Studies regularly organises seminars, networking events, internships, and workshops to make students prepared for work when they graduate.

Services and Facilities offered

  • Crown Institute of Studies provides well-rounded support and services to all its students. There is a culturally diverse team that is dedicated and willing to listen to the problems of students and find solutions to them. The Institute ensures that international students are safe, informed, and cared for at all times. Crown ensures that the well-being of students is taken care of and promotes growth by helping students believe in themselves, be confident in their identity, and be optimistic about the future.
  • Crown makes homestay arrangements for each international student taking into consideration their personal requirements like medical conditions and hobbies. Homestays are a great way for international students to be introduced to the New Zealand lifestyle. Students get to learn about the Kiwi culture while also improving their English language quality and getting involved with the local community.
  • Students of the Institute have the opportunity to go on many educational trips and site visits while pursuing their studies. These are designed especially to enrich students and improve their learning experience by exposing them to real-world situations.
  • The Institute conducts weekly events and activities in which students can participate. This gives them the chance to try new activities and meet new people. Events celebrated include Women's Day, Sports Day, Halloween, and International Day, this gives students the opportunity to learn about the country and share their culture with others.

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