Bath Spa University is a public university located in the city of Bath in England, and having three campuses with a multicultural society. The University is known for offering quality education for creative individuals, whilst teaching many programs in art, education, social science, sciences, and business. Bath Spa University aims to become the preeminent institution for creativity, culture, and business ambition. All colleges that keep a partnership with Bath Spa University can broadly benefit a range of courses, installations, and professional staff with high experience. Students opting for these specialized courses will most likely be given admission at the particular college offering the specialized course. 

The origin of the University goes back to almost 170 years when a School of Art was founded and went on to become an illustrious art school in the United Kingdom. Many of Britain’s popular artists completed their studies at this school. The school later came to be known as the Bath School of Art and Design. In 1975 the Bath College of Higher Education was established by the conflation of the Bath Teacher Training College and Bath College of Domestic Science. The college was bestowed with degree-awarding powers that led to the establishment of Bath Spa University College 22 years later. It was not until 2005 that Bath Spa University gained university status.

Why Study At The Bath and Spa University

Bath Spa University is a prestigious University. There are various reasons why a student can be encouraged to pursue their degree with this University.

Some of the reasons are listed below:

  • Bath Spa University has always had an impressive and successful reputation right from the year 1852.
  • The University has good connections around the globe and has partnered with several global businesses, organizations, and institutions. Students are provided with various opportunities to attend global gatherings and meetings as well as attend tours and other events. All these events and gatherings will help open up the students’ mindset leaving them with a feeling of determination, passion, and direction.
  • The University believes in creating an environment of equality and convenience for its students. The healthy social environment in the campus is a chief constituent that is part of the good reputation of the University.
  • The small classrooms allow the academic staff to give more attention and support to their students thereby helping them take a good benefit from their learning experience.
  • The teaching faculty comprises approachable and dynamic professionals who are an asset to the University.
  • Most graduates from this University admire their experience during their time in the University. The University has made sure that its students get the best outcomes from the various facilities provided within.

Employment and Career Opportunities

Students who graduate from Bath Spa University are a part of the high-quality connections with foreign partners. This opens up great global opportunities for experience as well as employment. The University has a career team that is readily available to students for assistance towards career counseling, gaining employment and experience, writing CVs and cover letters, freelancing, self-employment, networking, part-time job hunts, and event registrations for different schemes and opportunities that they may encounter during their time at the University. Students who are also interested in studying in other places abroad can get adequate advice and guidelines on important things like reasons for studying abroad, the purpose for the study, and other practical aspects like expenditure, traveling, and visas.

According to the data by the HESA graduate outcomes survey of 2017/2018, the University has an employability rating of 96.1% for its graduates.

The notable alumni of Bath Spa University are:

  • Allan deSouza (photographer and multi-media artist)
  • Lance Dann (British sound artist, radio producer, and writer)
  • Peter Flannery (English playwright and screenwriter)
  • Diana Gittins (former associate lecturer in creative writing and published writer for both fiction and non-fiction books)

Services and Facilities offered

Student Services:

The University has set up a Job Shop that is a free-of-cost service for students seeking part-time jobs and post-study work opportunities. The university also works towards providing support to international students in which they assist students with finding accommodation during their time in the University. The choices of accommodation for students include halls of residence and private housing and homestays. All students need to register with the medical services of the University. Students have access to mental health experts to discuss any mental health they might face during their time of study at the University.


The sports grounds have been well invested in for students to enjoy the refined facilities in the university. This sports ground provides access not only to students but also to local sports teams, personal trainers, community groups, and other local schools. The Bath Spa University High-Performance Sports Scholarship is one that can attract a lot of interested students. This scholarship will highly benefit students who are pursuing a degree in sports and competing at both the national and international levels.


Students can avail the library facilities on both campuses of the University. The Library and Learning Services and the Writing and Learning Centre provide students with academic skills for academic writing and reading, referencing, digital knowledge, note-taking, and critical thinking, and helps them transition to a higher educational level.

Clubs and Societies:

Bath Spa University has many societies and clubs that students can be a part of, based on their personal interests. The clubs and societies provide students with the opportunity to meet new people and learn new things. Some of these societies and clubs include Psychology Society, History and Heritage Society, BSU Society, and Film Society among others.

Campus Location